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SANADOG air-dried food with vegetables

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SANADOG air drying technology is a modern interpretation of centuries-old meat preservation methods. 

The soft air-dried vegetable menu is another innovative product in our range. SANADOG Veggie Air Dried is made only from fresh fruits and vegetables and high quality oils.

Advantages of vegetable food:

- sweet potatoes are considered the healthiest vegetable, rich in minerals and vitamins, high-quality fiber

- m orks are rich in beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the body

- pumpkins are rich in antioxidants that neutralize the formation of free radicals. The potassium in the composition helps to regulate fluid balance, and vitamin B6 plays an important role in the formation of blood and the nervous system.

- friendly to RAW nutrition

- 0% artificial additives

- better digestion

- healthier skin

- cleaner teeth


24% sweet potato, 24% carrot, 24% pumpkin, 10.5% apple, 5% pea, 5% beetroot, 2% cottage cheese, 2% egg, 2% linseed oil, 0.5% sea buckthorn, 0.5% lime, 0.2%. % blueberries, 0.2% brewer's yeast, 0.1% seaweed flour.


Protein - 4.8%, crude fat - 18%, moisture - 8.5%, crude ash/minerals -5.1%, crude fiber -2.2%


Store in a cool dry place.


Suitable for puppies over 12 weeks of age. Always supervise your pet while he is enjoying his food. Make sure your pet always has access to fresh, cool water.

Food quantity recommendations:

30 kg and over: 0.8-1% of body weight = 240-300 g per day

16-30 kg: 1% of body weight = 160-300 g per day

up to 15 kg: 1-1.5% of body weight = 150-225 g per day

Puppies up to 8 months: 2-3% of body weight.

Net weight - 1 kg

Manufacturer - SANADOG

Country of origin - Germany

SANADOG air-dried food with vegetables
SANADOG air-dried food with vegetables Sale price€23,50