Privacy policy

Handling Personal Data
1. When placing an Order, the Buyer must provide the Seller with personal data that allows the Seller to identify the Buyer, deliver the Order, contact for additional information if necessary, or (with the customer's consent) use it for direct marketing purposes.

2. The Seller confirms that the personal data provided by the Buyer will be processed only for the purposes of purchasing the Goods from the Seller and direct marketing (in cases where the Buyer agrees with the direct marketing offer). The Seller undertakes not to disclose the Buyer's personal data to third parties, except for the Seller's partners providing delivery of goods or other services related to the proper execution of the Buyer's order. In all other cases, the Buyer's personal data may be disclosed to third parties only in accordance with the procedure provided for by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

3. The personal data used by the Buyer when making transfers from his credit or debit accounts to the Seller in banking systems is processed securely using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates. The banks used by the Buyer bear full responsibility for this personal data.

4. The data subject, as the data subject, has the right to obtain information on the processing of his or her personal data, to have them rectified, deleted or not to have them processed.

5. Any request or instruction related to the processing of personal data must be submitted by the Buyer to the Seller in writing. Upon receipt of such request or instruction from the Buyer, the Seller shall provide a written response to the Buyer within 30 (thirty) calendar days.

6. If the Buyer does not agree with the Personal Data Protection provisions specified in this section of the Rules, the Buyer loses the right to use the E-mail. store services.

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