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10800 bags and the number is growing every day

The idea of CrazyBonesLT was born from a personal need - while raising two dogs, during walks in the city, we sought not only to clean up, but also to continue not to pollute. Therefore, every time we used ordinary plastic bags, we thought about what we could replace them with. We could not accept the idea that the organic waste left by a pet is "packaged" in plastic that will remain in our environment for thousands of years. However, the basic need for hygiene and the understanding that it is necessary to clean oneself led to the search for alternatives.

After careful searches, tests and discussions, CrazyBonesLT compostable bags for pet waste appeared - this is our first and so far the most popular product :)

10800 - this is the number of plastic bags that our family has replaced with compostable ones. And every day, during each walk, this number only grows... We understand that it is not a big change on a global scale, but if you and your friends join us - the change will be significant!

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