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SANADOG Natural rolled Cod Sticks

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Dogs love SANADOG's rolled cod sticks, their "fishy" smell and crunchy bite. They are exceptionally tasty for your dog, clean the teeth and are very healthy. SANADOG Cod Sticks are made from hand-rolled cod skin. The crunchy texture and chewing on the dried skin results in a teeth cleaning effect. Plaque and tartar as well as the resulting increased saliva flow during chewing support dental care in a natural way. Cod skin is particularly rich in essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These highly healthy fats, which your dog cannot produce itself, are important for the metabolism and have a positive effect on your dog's performance and resilience. Cod skin also contains a lot of collagen, which is important for a healthy heart, brain, skin and coat. Our cod sticks are produced in our own factory without additives such as corn, wheat, soya, colourings, preservatives, meat meal or other fillers and are gently air-dried. Our air-drying technology is a modern interpretation of centuries-old meat preservation techniques. The carefully selected cod skin is sourced mainly from Iceland and is 100% traceable. Our gentle drying process preserves the vitamins, minerals and nutrients contained in the raw materials and helps your dog stay healthy and vital for a long time. Store in a cool, dry place between 0°C and +25°C. Composition 100% Cod Skins. Nutritional Analysis: Proteine - 85% Fat - 2.4% Moisture - 11,4% Ash - 10% Fibre - 0.2% Omega3 - 1.2%. Manufacturer - SANADOG Country of origin - Germany
SANADOG Natural rolled Cod Sticks
SANADOG Natural rolled Cod Sticks Sale price€11,50