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SANADOG Vital Chewing Sticks with Beef and Salmon oil

SANADOG Vital Chewing Sticks with Beef and Salmon oil

150 g

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Cleaning your dog's teeth has never been easier (or more delicious!) Our Vital dental chewing sticks are entirely natural (and guilt-free) sticks made from prime cuts of fresh European beef. They are very hard, difficult to break and have a groove on the side. Tartar formation is significantly reduced by the abrasion when chewing on the groove as well as by the increased saliva flow. Dental hygiene in dogs is important. With SANADOG dental care snacks you can support this in a healthy and natural way. But why are they called vital sticks? Because they not only support natural dental care but also have a functional effect from the healthy ingredients. Wild salmon oil supplies the organism with important omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. These fatty acids are available to your dog's metabolism immediately and without prior conversion. Due to its high content of vitamin E and A, wild salmon oil is a strong antioxidant that supports the regeneration of cells and thus the immune system. The natural beef skin contains high-quality collagen. As a structural protein, collagen ensures the tensile strength of connective tissue and is found everywhere where elasticity and strength are important: in the skin, in ligaments and tendons, in cartilage, in bones, in skeletal muscles, in blood vessels and even in teeth. Our vital dental sticks are produced in our own factory without additives such as maize, wheat, soya, colourings, preservatives, meat meal or other fillers and are gently air-dried at a low temperature to preserve their vitamins and minerals until they're crispy and tasty treats that will massage your dog's gums and help to remove tartar build-up after a meal. Our air-drying technology is a modern interpretation of centuries-old meat preservation techniques. The carefully selected prime cuts of of fresh european beef are locally sourced and 100% traceable. Our gentle manufacturing process preserves the nutrients contained in the raw materials and helps your dog stay healthy and vital for a long time. So, whether you've got a small pup or large breed mutt, our vital dental sticks are an easy way to keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy. Vital Dental Beef Stick Benefits: - 100% Pure Beef - Semi-durable chew - Great for dental care - Raw feeding friendly - Supports a strong immune system Composition 85% Beef Skin, 15% Beef Meat. Additives per kg: Salmon Oil 26 gr. Nutritional Analysis: Protein - 60% Fat - 12% Moisture - 10% Ash - 7.5% Fibre - 1.2%

Net weight - 150 g

Manufacturer - SANADOG

Country of origin - Germany

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Super skanėstai šunims!

SANADOG tai natūralūs ir rūšiai tinkami šunų skanėstai, pagaminti iš rinkoje parduodamų šviežiausių ir itin aukštos kokybės ingredientų - šviežios mėsos ir žuvies, sveikų subproduktų, šviežių vaisių ir daržovių, taip pat aukštos kokybės aliejų ir natūralių mineralų.

Visada vengiame žemos kokybės ingredientų, tokių kaip gyvulių ir mėsos miltai, grūdai, užpildai, dirbtiniai vitaminai ar konservantai. Niekuomet nenaudojame pramoninių procesų, tokių kaip ekstruzija ar šaltasis spaudimas, kurie žymiai sumažina maistinių medžiagų kiekį pirminiuose ingredientuose. Visi SANADOG gaminiai supakauti į aukštos kokybės ir tvarius popierinius maišelius su užspaudimu, ilgesniam skanėstų šviežumui išlaikyti.