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LickiMat Yoggie Bowl

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LickiMat is a unique licking bowl designed by veterinarians. Licking releases endorphins, also known as happy hormones, in your pet and helps them to calm down, feel safe and reduce stress during unpleasant situations (such as storms, lightning or fireworks).

LickiMat bowls also improve your pet's digestion and oral hygiene. During licking, food residues are removed from the pet's tongue and this prevents bad breath. And eating slowly and salivating more than usual improves metabolic functions.

Advantages of using the LickiMat licking mat:

- this is a way to overcome boredom and reduce anxiety in your pet

- prevents eating too fast, extends the duration of the meal

- increases the production of saliva when eating, which helps to maintain proper hygiene of the teeth, gums and tongue

- prevents food residues from remaining in the mouth, which prevents the growth of bacteria and bad breath

- can be used as a tray to serve everyday food or favorite treats

LickiMat Yoggie Bowl Features:

- suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds

- made of high quality food contact rubber (BPA, silicone and toxic free)

- recyclable

- suitable for use in the freezer, microwave oven

- easy to clean, suitable for washing in the dishwasher

- the round bottom and the partition inside make the pet's "work" more difficult and maximize feeding time

- best suited for fairly liquid products such as yogurt, canned food, nut butter, etc.

LickiMat bowls are made of a very durable material, but they are not indestructible. Do not leave your pet unattended near the bowl or use it as a chew.

Dimensions: 9.5x9 cm

Model: bowl

Manufacturer - LickiMat

Country of origin - Australia

LickiMat Yoggie Bowl
LickiMat Yoggie Bowl Sale price€19,00