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Compostable dog poop bags (120 pcs)

Sale price€7,90

  • COMPOSTABLE: In the natural environment, biodegradable (compostable) bags decompose into biomass, water and carbon dioxide without releasing harmful substances and therefore do not have a negative impact on the environment.
  • COMPLETELY NATURAL: made from corn starch and wrapped in rolls of recyclable cardboard. Make the right choice, raise your dog responsibly!
  • LARGE AND STRONG: CrazyBonesLT poop bags are large enough for all dog breeds and hold up to 2 litres of liquid!
  • SUITABLE FOR BAG HOLDERS: Standard size rolls will fit in any holder you probably already have - so no extra cost!
  • BLACK: completely opaque and only you will know what's inside :)

The box contains 120 black compostbale bags rolled into 8 rolls (15 bags each).

Compostable dog poop bags (120 pcs)
Compostable dog poop bags (120 pcs) Sale price€7,90