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BLOCKS / Interactive toy

Sale price€29,95

Inspired by the love of donuts and children's toys, BLOCKS is designed to spice up playtime with your pet. You can offer him each piece separately, string two, three or all four pieces, change the combinations and thus, by purchasing one toy, you will delight your pet with even several variations of it.

This set includes:

CLOUD BLOCK made of wool with three mini-beeps 

- GRAY BLOCK made of nylon with chewing corners

- OAT BLOCK plush with two beeps

- TAUPE square BLOCK made of velvet with pockets for storing treats

Every puppy plays differently, so we recommend careful observation, especially when introducing a new play object for the first time. No toy is completely indestructible, so supervise the game to ensure your pet's safety. If you notice that the toy has started too or has been damaged, we recommend replacing it with a new one.

If necessary, the toys can be washed in the washing machine without using detergents. Do not tumble dry.

If the toy suffers from intense play, as we have no doubt that it will quickly become your pet's favorite pastime, please email us a photo and order number. email and we will give you a 25% discount on the purchase of the new toy.

Country of origin - United States of America

BLOCKS / Interactive toy
BLOCKS / Interactive toy Sale price€29,95