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Compostable food wrap

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  • COMPOSTABLE: In the natural environment, the biodegradable (compostable) film decomposes into biomass, water and carbon dioxide without releasing harmful substances and therefore has no negative impact on the environment.
  • FRIENDLY NATURE: Made from cornstarch, packed in a recyclable paper box.
  • OK Compost HOME - this label certifies that the bags are certified and meet all the requirements for a compostable bag, and in a home compost facility, it will take 180 days for it to turn into rich hummus.

In the package you will find 30 meters of food wrap, perforated every 30 cm for easy tearing and convenient use. The width of the film is 30 cm.

The wrap is used to protect food or already prepared dishes from the environment. Can be used to store products in the refrigerator or freezer. DO NOT use in a microwave.

Compostable food wrap
Compostable food wrap Sale price€4,40 Regular price€5,50