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Compostable waste bags 20L (150 bags)

  • PERFECT FOR HOME COMPOSTING: CrazyBonesLT waste bags are certified for compostability. They will break down within 180 days into just CO2 and water, making no damage flora and fauna.
  • ALL NATURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: made from corn starch. Make a right choice while being a responsible Planet citizen!
  • STRONG AND LEAK PROOF: our bags are strong enough to hold up the content of the waste bag without tearing or leaking.
  • MEASUREMENTS: Fits most standard waste bins, measuring 50 cm in hight and 80cm around the rim.

No hidden plastic, chemicals or any other toxic materials. 

They are certified under the BPI’s strict ASTM D6400 specification in the USA and EU (EN 13432 and OK Compost Home), a European standard for 100% compostability in both industrial/municipal and home/backyard composting facilities.

This yearly bundle contains 15 rolls, each roll holds 10 bags (20L, measuring 40x50 cm). Total 150 waste bags.

Use during 12 month period after purchasing.

The decomposing of the bag start the moment it get's in touch with food scraps, garden waste or any other bio-waste, so please change the waste bag every 2-3 days to avoid tearing or leaking.